Disposable plastic

Avoid the use of
disposable plastic
cutlery and dishes
and use reusable products
without plastic instead

Avoid packaging

Especially when shopping,
make sure to
avoid plastic packaging
as far as possible.

conserve water

Shower instead of bath!
And do not let the
water run unnecessarily
during hair washing
and soaping

save electricity

Do not leave the
light on unnecessarily.
Pay attention to energy
efficiency when buying
new electrical appliances

Heating economically

Do not heat more than necessary!
A room temperature reduced
by only 1 degree brings
energy savings of up to 6%!
20 °C are enough ;-)

ride a bicycle

Ride short distances
by bicycle.
It is not only good
for the environment,
but also for your health

Public transport

If you do not
necessarily need the car
to transport something
use bus and train
for example to work

regional goods

Buy regional products
to avoid long
transport routes
and support the
producers in your area